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Control and automation technology

Our products

Product category: Control and automation technology

TC 500 series

The professional series TC500 are fully featured easy to handle temperature controllers. A full keypad speeds up entering programs, additional displays allow monitoring the process more in detail. Improved features for even higher operation safety and reliability.

A fully configurable control structure, error log and PC link support the leading position of this controller family. TC500 family controllers replaces TC400 success story (TC405, TC405/30).

TC 503: Ceramics goes digital

TC 505: The new standard for the Ceramics

TC 507: The Handyman for glass, ceramics and laboratories

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Product category: Control and automation technology

TC 700 series

Introducing the new TC700 series from bentrup combining a
new concept of fully intuitive user interface with the latest
technology available. The high resolution display provides operators with process state in one view. Features include a status line displaying output states, USB-Operation, www connection, etc. Up to 99 programmes are available with options to assign user defined names.

TC700 controllers log all process data continuously with a Real-
Time-Clock-Stamp in CSV-Format. Enjoy adjusting values: see
them change by circling your finger over the virtual dial.

Integrated 3 zone option pushes kilns to 3 zones with minimal efforts, 6 controls zones on board.  PM3 module for actual power measurement & acquisition for up to 3 zones including logging and Email alerts on defined deviations.

TC705: Ceramic type profile: 4 segments firing curve entirely shown
on the display including setpoints making operation as easy as possible and actually input errors impossible at the most extend of this expression

TC707: additionally fully flexible program profile, real time launching programmes (ie. kiln on temperature for early shift at 5:30), default data link (Bluetooth)

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Product category: Control and automation technology


The high performance program controllers TC-S2 and TC-M2 combine in a unique way complex control features with user friendly design. The clear structured color TFT screen provides an appealing user inter face. Operation is learned in a minute.  TC-S2 and TC-M2 are modular structured control systems providing multiple control loops (multizone kilns e.g.) and a fully flexible operation design. Link and combine control loops (e.g. for cascade control) or design another complex control structure for your application.
The optional integrated PLC leaves not requirement open.RS485 interface by default, customized user interface, almost unlimited expansion options (bentrup IO-Box linked via CAN for additional modules)

TC-S2: Panel mounting case 96x96mm, 3.5″ TFT Display, up to 3 expansion modules

TC-M2: V2A-panel mouting case 270x190mm, 6.0″ TFT Display, full number keypad, up to 5 expansion modules, TCP/IP interface on request


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About us

Company details

Ideas for people from people with ideas – has been the mission since the bentrup company started. Our innovative product design for control applications opens the door to break creative limits. You make your dreams and we take care of the technology to realise them.

Every single product is the result of extensive detailed research and experience gathered over decades. From the small hobby control up to large multichannel process controls the user has the choice of 15 different bentrup controllers. Ancillary products like analysis equipment, process printers and measuring sensors complete our product range to supplying an appropriate solution for every application.

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