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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.01  Cutting, breaking and snapping technology
  • 02.01.03  Devices for coating removal

Devices for coating removal

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.01  Cutting, breaking and snapping technology
  • 02.01.05  Crack-off technology hollow glass
  •  Thermal crack-off devices

Thermal crack-off devices

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.05  Laser technology
  • 02.05.01  Laser cutting technology

Laser cutting technology

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.05  Laser technology
  • 02.05.04  Laser removing technology
  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.06  Coating technology
  • 02.06.04  Metallizing machines

Metallizing machines

  • 03  Glass products and applications
  • 03.09  Technical processing, treatment, finishing design.
  • 03.09.05  Glass finishing
  •  Glass painting/glass art
  •  Metallic tapes

Our products

Product category: Devices for coating removal, Laser removing technology

ULPS: Laser machine for coating removing

Laser machine for coating removing (ULSP) has been developed for electrically heated glass production. ULSP removes electric conductive coating from the surface of low-emissivity glass with a speed of up to 360 Special software allows to estimate temperature values in each spot of glass of any shape. This helps to provide practically uniform heating of glass of any shape.

Laser lifetime is up to 50 000 hours with no maintenance required.

The laser removes coating with a speed of up to 5 m/sec on thin lines (cut-offs) and up to 360 on large areas. Compared to the traditional acid etching method performed in similar conditions, the speed of removal by laser can be up to 15 times higher.

With all high speeds cut-offs accuracy is rather high. The width of a cut off can be adjusted from 80 micron (optionally less) up to a few mm. Moreover, the coating can be removed completely on surface areas up to hundreds of square mm. In the air a cut off 0.5 mm wide withstands 1 000 V with no electrical breakdown. When a part of a construction (e.g. laminated glass), a 0.1 mm wide cut-off withstands 600 V due to the complete coating removal with the help of the laser. At the same time the surface of the glass remains intact.

High productivity and accuracy cut the cost of production considerably, alongside the operating staff is reduced: one operator is enough to run the line of ULSP and GDS for heated glass production

The 3 standard configurations of equipment offered process glass sheets of the following dimensions: 2510×3210 mm, 4000×3210 mm and 6000×3210 mm. Non-standard configurations are also possible upon request.

Drafts of glass and cut-offs patterns can be imported into design software in DXF. format.

Application of ULSP table is wider than just heated glass production: it can also be used for coating deletion in IG units production, paint wiping off the tinted glass, mirrors reflecting layer removal, ornaments and pattern design.

Special software is used to calculate heat distribution (watt per unit of area) and estimate temperature distribution over the glass, also for complex shapes. It helps select an optimized pattern of cut-offs and busbar, simplify prototyping that leads to optimizing of the production cost for small batches and one-of-a-kind orders.

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Product category: Metallizing machines, Metallic tapes

GDS: Cold spraying machine

The cold-spraying machine (GDS) has been designed for electrically heated glass production.

The machine automatically applies busbars onto the glass which is less time consuming and cost reducing.
Busbars are conductive metallic flat conductors that are necessary to power up the conductive coating of the glass.

The same software as by ULSP table is used to calculate busbars configuration and start the application process. Busbars and cut-offs are contained in one file which simplifies and unifies the operation of ULSP and GDS.

For complicated projects that require uniform temperature in all zones of glass surface GDS is an optimal solution as it can apply busbars of any shape. After busbars are applied the glass can be laminated.  Tests of glasses with busbars initiated by our customers and held in European laboratories proved high quality and reliability of the product(s).

Spraying system
GDS applies conductive busbars at the speed of 20 mm/sec.

Metal powder particles of the size are accelerated and upon reaching the certain speed are sprayed onto glass surface to which they stick. Those particles that did not stick to glass surface are absorbed by the aspiration system working in the processing area.

GDS complies with the requirements for the air, environmental and noise pollution and can be installed in any glass processing company.

The 3 standard configurations of equipment offered process glass sheets of the following dimensions:  2510×3210 mm, 4000×3210 mm and 6000×3210 mm

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Product category: Laser cutting technology, Thermal crack-off devices

MLC: Laser cutting module

Module for laser cutting (MLC) is used to cut the overblow off the hollow glass workpiece: cognac, wine, martini glasses, other types of glass tableware and vases. The module is placed at the mechanical section of the production line after the blowing machine and fully replaces the traditional method of processing by the cutting wheel.

Cutting by MLC is highly precise and contactless, mechanical damage is excluded.  The visual top quality of the cutting edge is added up by minimized tension in glass after the separation of the overblow.

One of the biggest advantages of the technology is a significant drop in waste and defective products which moneywise is high saving especially for productions running 24/7.

MLC cutting technology is clean and ecologically friendly: carbon dioxide emission is lower, no glass chips, no need to replace mechanical cutting wheels. The following grinding of the edge is reduced to minimum.

MLC is compatible with and can be operated by any blowing machine. To meet all the requirements of our customers we apply an individual approach and design modules for hollow glass cutting according to the set tasks and production needs.

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“Pelcom Dubna Machine building factory” ( is a Russian developer and original manufacturer of industrial equipment for glass processing with a special focus on laser technologies.

Over the years of its existence, Pelcom has attracted clients from the CIS countries, Italy, Great Britain, Austria, Czech Republic, Finland. Most of the clients have become partners and friends. Pelcom equipment operates in dozens of companies.

Own engineering design department of Pelcom covers the following areas: mechanics, electromechanics, hydraulics, pneumatic automation, electrical, electronics, software, laser technologies.

The production process makes a closed technological cycle. The construction of equipment begins at the blanc section and ends with the acceptance by the quality control department with a follow up transfer to the warehouse. The production hall and products have been certified in accordance with international standards.

Technical service engineers install and start up the equipment, train the personnel of customers, the company provides warranty and post-warranty service. Experienced employees have all the necessary devices and tools and are ready to consult the customers. The hotline is available from 08:00 a.m. to 21:00 p.m.

R&D department develops glass processing technologies using lasers: coatings removal, glass cutting and holes drilling, cutting glasses and glass tubes. Experiments and research are carried out in own laboratory of Pelcom.

R&D specialists have developed a technology to produce electrically heated glass, which is being improved on a continuing basis. The technology is used in two Pelcom products: coating evaporation laser table (ULSP) (, cold-spraying machine (GDS) (

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