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Product category: Spare parts and consumables

ISOFRAL CC, TX Carbon / Carbon composites

A versatile group of high tech materials, among the first materials used as asbestos substitutes for hot glass handling in hollow glass plants. Featuring oriented, semi-oriented or random oriented carbon fibres, ISOFRAL TX and CC make outstanding contact inserts extensively used along the production line, from the shears to the leehr.

Main applications
Gob deflectors, blowhead and take out tong inserts, rest plates, sweep-out inserts, transfer wheel fingers, ware guide rails, pusher bar pads...

Main advantages
Low thermal conductivity, mechanical strength, light weight, high temperature and thermal shock resistance, chemical resist-ance, durability, good machinability
The wear resistance and durability of ISOFRAL TX and CC carbon/carbon materials make them more specifically recommended for high speed, long run productions.

Production efficiencyISOFRAL products help minimize checks and inserts breakage and other failures that cause operation disruption, thus resulting in higher production efficiency and lower costs.

ISOFRAL TX and CC are made of a matrix of graphite reinforced with carbon fibers. The end product is obtained through a long and complex process of several stages of pyrolysis and cycles of graphitisation and densification at high temperatures.

• Composition: pure graphite
• Insulating, does not check hot glass
• Temperature and oxydation resistant
• Impact resistant
• Lightweight: 1.4 to 1.7 density

Products available as
• Custom parts machined to customer specifications
• Plates in dimensions of: 300 X 300 mm ; 500 X 500 mm
• Thicknesses: 3,17 – 6,35 – 9,52 – 12,7 mm

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