Biebouw B.V.B.A.

Industriestraat 17, 8755 Ruiselede

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  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.04  Forming and bending technology

Forming and bending technology

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With over 40 years experience producing moulds for the glass industry Biebouw B.V.B.A. has proven itself to be a reliable partner for this high tech business.

Biebouw B.V.B.A. has developed into a prominent European player in the glass industry. With establishments in Belgium, France and Croatia, we meet all requirements that can be expected from a reliable partner on this market.

Contact us even today on Your request will be dealt with attentively.

Our customers are well-known international glass producers with offices in Europe, the Middle-East, Africa and the Russian Federation. Today we have an annual turnover of € 14.000.000 and we employ 120 people.

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