Salavatsteklo JSC

Salavat 3, 453250 Bashkortostan
Russian Federation
Telephone +7 3476 3352-51
Fax +7 34763 35230

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Glass products and applications
  • 03.01  Flat glass
  • 03.01.01  Float and mirror glass

Our products

Product category: Float and mirror glass

Float glass and glass tinted in a bulk

We produce float glass and tinted in bulk glass by the method of float process that allows to manufacture products of high level quality and excellent optical characteristics

Length and width of glass, mm:

Glass thickness, mm:
1,8 – 12,0

  • in the construction industry (for the production of insulating glass, tempered glass) - window and facade structures, atriums, showcases, dormers, glazing of balconies and loggias, entrance groups, winter gardens, etc.;
  • in the automotive industry (in the production of safety glass for land transport);
Types of float glass:

М0 - for the production of plate-glass mirror
M1 - for production of coated glass and safety glass for land transport
M4 - for the production of furniture made of glass, windows and other structures

At present, an assortment of tinted glass is represented by three products (colors):
  • gray
  • bronze
  • golden-bronze

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Product category: Float and mirror glass

Architectural and low-emissivity glass

Architectural and low-emission glass is made of high-quality glass with the use of innovative coating technology on special equipment of leading European companies.

According to the request of the customer, various variants of glass manufacturing in a wide range of colors are possible:
- multifunctional glass of type “MultiComfort”
– solar control glass of type “Comfort”
– energy saving glass of type “Standart”

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Product category: Float and mirror glass

Tempered laminated glass and glass units

Tempered glass, multi-layered and double-glazed windows are glass products, which provide absolute safety, long years of reliable operation, home warmth and comfort in all conditions for our customers.

Safety Glass and double-glazed windows have been widely used in various industries: it is an indispensable building material and an indispensable element of vehicles. Safety glass - tempered and multilayered - decorates the interiors of our houses: tables, glasses for ovens, partitions, shower cabins, shelves and splashbacks in the kitchen.

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About us

Company details

JSC "Salavatsteklo" is a large Russian manufacturer of glass and glass products in Russia. The company started its activity in 1962 and still retains its best traditions and succession of generations.

In addition to producing float and architectural glass, the company also produces the following types of products:

Glass containers;
Soluble sodium silicate;
Sodium silicate liquid;
Tempered glazing and automotive glass and double-glazed windows.
A unique combination of production technologies and keeping traditions allow us to remain the largest glass producer in Russia for many decades and allows us to increase our foot print in the market in the CIS countries.

The main value for us, as for the company producing glass and glass products - is the repeated customers` requests for our products that let us to approve that Salavatsteklo products possess recognized international quality today.

Currently we work in more than 20 countries around the world. More than 1000 employees of the company throughout Russia and near abroad not including our partners of processors and logisticians, provide round-the-clock production and delivery of our products to customers.

We care about the quality of products and satisfaction with our products by customers and we instantly respond to all requests and suggestions.

General Director of JSC "Salavatsteklo"
S.A. Agureev

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