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  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.08  Insulation glass technology
  • 02.08.01  Plants for insulating glass production
  •  Plants for triple glazing

Plants for triple glazing

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.08  Insulation glass technology
  • 02.08.05  Gas filling machines and gas devices

Gas filling machines and gas devices

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.10  Cleaning technology
  • 02.10.01  Washing machines and equipment

Washing machines and equipment

Our products

Product category: Washing machines and equipment


This is a vertical washing machine suitable for every type of glass panels.

Made exclusively in “open top” version, it allows to wash over-sized glasses. Glass washable minimum dimensions L = 300mm H =150mm. It is composed by a washing / rinsing section completely in stainless steel followed by a large drying section. Both sections of the machine are accessible through removable casing, soundproof in drying area. The mechanical movement is placed at the bottom, below the crankcase. At the same level it is placed the motorization for the brushes, constituted by a single motor. The working speed of the machine is from 1 to 5 m / min

OPTIONAL on demand:

  • closed-circuit with water treatment system (not compatible with applications on production worked glass)
  • Prewashing section
  • Front Brushes for LOW-E
  • Color at your choice

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Product category: Washing machines and equipment


It is a vertical washing machine optimized for cleaning large glass plates, particularly suitable for heavy and continuous use.
Thanks to its 6 brushes, the machine meets the highest industrial cleaning standards. it is particularly suitable for in-line applications, it can also be combined with robotic systems. Made exclusively in closed top version, it allows you to wash a minimum glass of L = 450 mm H = 250 mm.

The washing machine is equipped with a washing / rinsing area totally in stainless steel combined with a drying area. The two parts are separated and are connected during installation on site (a necessary condition to be able to easily transport the machine).

Both areas of the machine are accessible by opening doors, equipped with safety micro-switches on the drying part. The movement mechanics is placed in the lower part, under the base. In the upper part there is the motorization for the brushes, consisting of a motor for each brush. The standard configuration of the brushes foresees the front ones of the low-e type and the rear ones for normal glass.

Machine made in two parts: washing and drying.
Easy to install and fast to transport thanks to its sectioning.
Uses 6 brushes for washing, with high hydraulic efficiency pumps. The pumps only mount stainless steel impellers.
Drying is guaranteed by a 29 kW ventilation system.
The brushes are driven by an inverter system with an acceleration / deceleration ramp to optimize mechanical performance and reliability over time.
The upper frame is made of AISI 304 tubular structure bearing and bodywork with laser-cut stainless steel sheets. This guarantees high operating speed with strongly contained vibrations.
Operating speed from 1 to 5m / min

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Product category: Plants for triple glazing


t is a line designed for demanding industrial productions, in which the system must be operator-dependent in the least possible way. The line has an automatic assembly area, where the only operation performed by the operator is to apply the previously prepared channel and put it to the first glass panel. The line is completed by a coupling system with panel press 2500 mm wide or with rollers. The system is available in four heights: 1600, 2000, 2300, 2500 mm. If the slabs exceed 2400 mm in length, a two-stage pressing can be activated to guarantee high quality without exceeding the overall dimensions of the line. As standard, the machine can create display cases by activating the dedicated function present in the machine control program. Optional is the program for the automatic production of triple glazing or the tilting table to be placed at the end of the line, useful for sealing large glazing on site.

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About us

Company details

Stefiglass International is a leading manufacturer in the world for a wide range of glass washing machines, complete IG lines and complementary equipment.

With over 40 years of experience in glass machinery manufacturing, our company is able to offer good quality, assistance after sale and reliable service.

Stefiglass International is located in Pieve San Giacomo, about 100 Kilometres South of Milan.
The operating phases regarding quality control and testing are followed by a team of technicians with expertise gained over the years. Our machinery, manufactured entirely using mechanical, electrical and electronic components conform to EU norms, are characterized, moreover, for the particular attention to the environment and eco-friendliness.

The company is specialized in the creation of prototypes that respond to the most complex customer requests.

Stefiglass’ production, other than a wide range of standard models, also offers the possibility of customizing plants as per specific needs of processing. Customization, that is the realization of custom-built machinery, represents the prevalence of orders within the production activity. For this purpose Stefiglass has a Research & Development office dedicated to optimizing the machines in production and designing innovative solutions.

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