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Sealants and foils (PVB)

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Adhesive technology

Our products

Product category: Spacers

DOWSIL™ Crystal Clear Spacer

DOWSIL™ Crystal Clear Spacer is a ready to use silicone spacer for the assembly of air-filled insulating glass units where transparency is desired. It was developed to address growing industry trends for full vision insulating glass units (IGU’s).
DOWSIL™ Crystal Clear Spacer is a pre-formed material that builds chemical adhesion to glass within a few minutes after application. It is easy to install and eliminates the need for tape adhesives and therefore offers enhanced IGU productivity. Its flexibility allows for the manufacturing of rectangular and curved IGU’s.  An additional feature is the low thermal conductivity of the spacer which can be beneficial in energy efficient designs. Spacers dimensions can be tailored to specific design needs.
DOWSIL™ Crystal Clear Spacer is perfectly suited for insulating glass in glass doors designed for vertical commercial refrigerators favoured by shops and supermarkets, where full vision and high light transmission at the glass edge can enhance the presentation of goods. DOWSIL™ Crystal Clear Spacer is compatible with all DOWSIL™ Insulating Glass Silicone Secondary Sealants and new DOWSIL™ 335 Butyl Sealant for primary insulating glass seals.

For more detailed information and step-by-step application instructions, please refer to the product technical datasheet, spacer application guide or contact your local Dow representative.

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Product category: Sealants

DOWSIL™ Membrane façade system for façade sealing

Sealing critical areas

With energy regulations and climate policy targets establishing strict requirements for future buildings, installing systems that protect the building envelope from weather and ensuring that the building’s internal climate and living conditions can be maintained or improved is becoming increasingly important.

Gaps in construction and openings created for fenestration systems must be properly sealed to avoid convectional heat losses through air leakage and avoid entry points for moisture. Consquently, Dow has recently introduced a range of EPDM membranes with the added benefit of high quality Dow EPDM raw materials, to help increase their service life and long-term performance.

This new system for façade sealing consists of a choice of DOWSIL™ Membranes,  DOWSIL™ Membrane Dual, DOWSIL™ Membrane Outside and DOWSIL™ 300 Adhesive, offering a complete high performance solution for the creation of interior and exterior weather and air-tight seals. Thanks to their ability to provide a flexible seal and protect areas including sharp angles and corners and seal across adjacent building elements, DOWSIL™ membranes tolerate normal building movement and inclement weather conditions including freeze/thaw. This new façade sealing system provides a smooth solution for vertical surfaces and ensures a secure closure of the building envelope.

Safe and easy to cut into shape and install, DOWSIL™ Membranes are recommended for use where a functional air-tight and weather-resistant seal is desired.

DOWSIL™ Membranes must be bonded and secured in place using DOWSIL™ 300 Adhesive. With good initial grab, this flexible adhesive has a broad adhesion profile, and is supplied in 600ml foil packs, ideal for manual gun application.

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Product category: Sealants, Sealing techniques

DOWSIL™ 335 Butyl Sealant Special Black

A homogenous appearance and improved aesthetics at the glass edge can now be achieved thanks to a new-to-the-market, color matched, primary butyl seal. DOWSIL™ 335 Butyl Sealant SPECIAL BLACK is a heat applied, polyisobutylene which is suitable for use as the primary seal in both air and gas-filled double and triple insulating glass units in residential and commercial projects.

Developed for use in glass assembly using both standard and warm-edge spacers, DOWSIL™ 335 Butyl Sealant SPECIAL BLACK meets the requirements according to EN 1279 in an IG system.

DOWSIL™ 335 Butyl Sealant SPECIAL BLACK is also fully compatible with neutral DOWSIL™ façade silicones including market leading DOWSIL™ 993 Structural Glazing Sealant.

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Product category: Sealants, Sealing techniques

DOWSIL™ 3363 Insulating Glass Sealant

DOWSIL™ 3363 Insulating Glass Sealant has been engineered specifically for use as a secondary seal in demanding double, triple and gas-filled insulating glass applications.

With a 50% higher design strength (0.21 MPa with European approval)*, DOWSIL™ 3363 Insulating Glass Sealant enables more economical, yet stronger, jointing in demanding tall building design and construction, thereby increasing transparency and design freedom.

Stress on the primary sealant is limited thanks to the high strength of DOWSIL™ 3363 Insulating Glass Sealant, thus adding to the façade durability and longevity.

The high strength of DOWSIL™ 3363 Insulating Glass Sealant ensures:

Suitability for demanding applications such as the retention of large glass elements, resistance to high wind and hurricane loads and blast resistance 
Productivity enhancement as larger joints can be reduced by up to 30%, hence joints can be filled faster

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Product category: Sealants

Sealants for smoke and fire retardency

Dow is committed to providing state-of-the-art high performance building technologies for fire safety applications. Safe building solutions that minimize risk and increased safety are our top priority.

A unique advantage
Sealants themselves cannot specifically protect from fire, but can play a key role in the system design and help limit the spread of fire and smoke. Silicone technologies are nonflame propagating, do not produce flaming droplets and have a limited non-toxic smoke development. These material properties can be especially beneficial in fire-rated systems and designs. Silicones are particularly renowned for their movement capability, adhesion profile, UV and temperature stability anddurability. They help protect against water and air intrusion and provide excellent all-round protection and performance against damaging weather conditions. When selecting fire retardant technologies, Dow High Performance Building offers a range of DOWSIL™ brand solutions for vertical and horizontal applications as well as cable penetrations, fenestrations and building element connections.

Our technologies have been certified by external test institutes in a wide range of joint configurations. Dow’s technical specialists look forward to collaborating on future projects and assisting in the selection of our technologies.

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Product category: Sealants

DOWSIL™ 375 Construction & Glass Embedding

Installation of steel railing and frameless glass balustrade systems is now even easier and quicker using DOWSIL™ 375 Construction & Glass Embedding which is a new pourable, self-levelling, very fast cure, two-component polyurethane. Specifically developed to securely mount and support flat and curved monolithic or laminated glass panels in the U shaped profiles used in these system designs. Easy to mix and install on-site at room temperature to help to achieve safety and rigidity.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor embedding applications, other benefits include invisible bonding for pure glass aesthetics, rapid strength build-up for enhanced safety and lightweight container sizes that help enable easier handling. Balustrade assemblies made with DOWSIL™ 375 Construction & Glass Embedding have passed pendulum tests according to DIN 18008-4 at an independent test institute.

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Product category: Sealants

DOWSIL™ 994 Ultra Fast Bonding Sealant

DOWSIL™ 994 Ultra-Fast Bonding Sealant is a two component high strength silicone. Its ultra-fast curing properties can enable significant improvement in the speed of productivity, particularly in continuous production processing, automated fabrications, and specific bonding designs.

With European approval for structural glazing, it has excellent adhesion to glass, metal and a variety of different substrates including plastics. DOWSIL™ 994 Sealant is beneficial for use in solar thermal bonding, internal partition wall bonding and window bonding, where a strong glass-to-metal or glass-to-plastic connection and a fast process with short cycle times is required.

- Extremely fast curing to enhance
-  Low odor
-  High movement capability; high
    structural strength
-  Meets the requirements of ETAG 002
-  European Technical Approval ETA
   18/0571 (black)

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Dow Building & Infrastructure, part of Dow Consumer Solutions, collaborates with industry professionals around the world to develop solutions to enhance design and aesthetics, increase durability, advance the energy efficiency of buildings, and improve the health and safety of building occupants. Taking a holistic approach, Dow brings together expertise from across the company to help customers find solutions to a wide range of high-performance building challenges. Featuring DOWSIL brand products – the same long-trusted products previously sold under the Dow Corning brand – Dow’s high-performance building solutions include proven materials for structural and protective glazing, weatherproofing, insulating glass, window and door fabrication, and building materials protection, as well as innovations for high-efficiency insulation, lighting, and the incorporation of photovoltaic cells and solar panels into building design. Visit to learn more.

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