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Product category: Spacers

Focusing on the next level of excellence

An optimally designed and well-composed edge bond determines the quality and durability of a window. Only when the individual components such as spacers, sealants, desiccants, connectors and glass interplay perfectly, we can achieve maximum efficiency.

One aspect of this is the stability and mechanical properties of a window. Here, the edge bond must fulfil different demands: it must stay flexible even in extreme cold and heat to avoid glass breakage. At the same time a permanent gas tightness is required to guarantee the best insulation for long-term use. Furthermore, it must prevent incoming moisture which can lead to unpleasant milky or blind glasses as well as condensation.
Now we are working on components which are adapted to our spacers and for whose quality we guarantee. The result: higher durability of the insulating glass for long-term use – an advantage for window manufacturers and final customers alike, who can rely on sustainable products of excellent quality.
Since the improvement of the single components has reached its limits, our focus has been on the edge bond in total. The merging of the components with each other and with the sash creates new opportunities for further sustainable developments. Only then the potential of the edge bond can be fully exploited.

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Product category: Spacers

Spacer Precision - insulating glass performance at its best

Due to our innovative production process, Technoform can consistently guarantee the high quality of the edge bond. Our developments in thermal performance fit in perfectly with the trend towards nearly zero-energy houses. The optimum combination of materials in the Spacer Precision enables the lowest possible U values to be achieved in the system as a whole. As a result, fluctuations in thermal values are minimized, ensuring that designers and customers have a reliable basis for their calculations. Reliable process stability and insertion are ensured while a high-quality look completes the package. The Spacer Precision complies to the requirements of EN 1279-2, 3 & 6.

  • High quality of the glass edge bond and consistent Lambda-equivalent values due to lowest possible product tolerances
  • Outstanding thermal performance
  • Optimum process capability due to high fracture strength
  • Suitable for large frames and triple-glazed units due to high profile stability
  • Classy smooth and bright surface
  • Perfect fitting connecting elements
  • Certified Passive House Component Class phA (Arctic Climate)

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Product category: Spacers

Spacer M

The Spacer M is a bendable warm edge spacer bar. It was designed to meet the numerous requirements which apply to the modern glass edge bond. It is available in a range of variants such as with wire and without wire, specially matched to their individual intended use. While some of the details of the designs may differ from each other, they all provide low Psi values, high productivity, high process reliability and high-quality appearance. The Spacer M complies to the requirements of EN 1279-2, 3 & 6, DTA and ASTM. It is a certified Passive House Component Class phB for Cold Climate.

Spacer M with wire (ww)
  • Warm edge spacer
  • Bendable spacer (also suitable for cutting and corner keys)
  • High profile stability due to patented steel wires
  • Ideal for medium to large frames
  • No readjustment of the frame
  • Rigid corners
Spacer M without wire (nw)
  • Warm edge spacer
  • Bendable spacer (also suitable for cutting and corner keys)
  • High level of design flexibility in any form
  • Enables the bending of the smallest radii
  • Allows negative bending (e. g. for continuous ventilation pipes)

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Product category: Spacers

Our solution for integral blinds: The Spacer Pellini

Warm edge spacers for integral blinds

The Spacer Pellini is a warm edge spacer that locates and guides integral blinds within the cavity of the double-glazed unit. Its integrated locating and guiding elements improve efficiency while keeping Psi-values low within the whole system. The blinds cannot damage the glass.
  • Features integrated locating and guiding elements for internal blinds
  • High-quality appearance
  • Ensures no noise
  • No damage to the surface of the glass
  • Ensures low Psi-values
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colors to suit every application need

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Product category: Spacers

Tailor-made spacer frames for insulating glass

Productivity is the main challenge of today’s insulating glass market. The glass quality and the thermal performance must of course not suffer. However, production times have to speed up to stay cost effective and competitive. Regardless of the diversity of a producer's IGU inventory, an optimized stock management and space availability are essential. 

Our tailor-made spacer frames level up your efficiency: 
  • The pre-fabricated spacer speed up the production process.
  • Our fast and easy service accelerates your IGU production process and improves the efficiency of your entire business.
  • We optimize your stock management.
  • We ensure the highest quality in the development of productin projects, even the most complex ones, and support you.
Avoiding critical factors in warehouse management
The risk of slow moving inventory and space availability are critical factors in warehouse management. Technoform's tailor-made solution offers customized spacer frames to help mitigate risk, avoid unused stock material, and reduce operational costs.

Tailor-made frames are composed by Technoform spacers and muntins bars. The muntin is placed inside the insulating glass providing a complete thermally optimized system.

In this way the solution guarantees a high thermal performance and an excellent quality.

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Product category: Spacers

Muntin Bars by Technoform - for the complete thermally optimized system

Our muntin glazing bar system can be positioned within an insulating glass unit without any direct contact with the glass. It is aesthetically identical to the Spacer M, giving insulating glazing manufacturers a complete thermally optimized system that meets current thermal insulation requirements and will also meet the tighter requirements of tomorrow. Cross-shaped muntin bar connectors are used to connect profiles and are matched to the exact profile width in each case.

  • Low heat conductivity of just 0.25 W/mK
  • Very high profile stability and low coefficient of linear expansion due to integrated glass fibres
  • Perfect processability together with Spacer M

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Product category: Spacers

Emerging market spacer solution (SP19)

Energy saving becomes a global priority, with new regulations being progressively introduced worldwide. 

We have developed a solution especially directed to emerging markets where the demand for improvement of the energy efficiency of the system increasing, in line with the needs of continuous building modernization and new design requirements of architects.  

However, these markets are still mainly using traditional aluminum spacers. In lieu of this, we want to support the transition from aluminum spacers with outdated thermal values to thermally optimized edge bond solutions with warm edge spacers.   

Thermally improved, durable, and flexible in shapes. It allows our customers to take a step further to the next level of IGUs performance, reaching new levels in energy efficiency and becoming more and more competitive in their markets. 

To be precise we chose a different inox steel grade able to assure the barrier, and at the same time gaining ductability for shapes insuring a great thermal performance guaranteed by Technoform hybrid warm-edge spacers. 

The advantages of this solution are: 
  • Highest accuracy for smaller glass pane sizes  
  • A seamless integration in existing processes and cutting systems
  • Once cut and inserted between the panes, the spacer will ensure a strong improvement in IGU’s energy efficiency and durability. 

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Product category: Spacers

New spacer solution with larger steel wires for more stability (SP18)

In today’s economic scenario, markets face challenges such as an increasing internationalization and fiercer competition; in this context glass edge bond quality needs to stand out. 

We have set our focus on the mechanical properties of our spacers to improve the durability of the system. With this new development, we achieved 20 % more stability by using larger steel wires. All transformation steps of the spacer are hence facilitated:
  • optimization of the settings of the bending machines,
  • reduction of deformation generated by the suspension of the frames,
  • homogeneous application of butyl thanks to the spacer straightness allowing a perfect hermetically sealed glass unit,
  • resistance to the twisting effect generated during handling,
  • optimization of the automatic machine use due to frame stability.
All in all, this Technoform solution stands out by greater quality and reliability and by increasing the production capacity of insulating glazing.

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About us

Company details

We are your partner for durable thermally optimized edge bond solutions.

With our warm edge spacers between the glass panes, for example the Spacer M and the Spacer Precision, Technoform improves the thermal performance of the edge bond and thus guarantees gas tightness at a peak level. The effects are not only minimized energy losses. There is also a visible reduction in condensation which forms at the edge of the window and thereby prevents the formation of mold. A warm edge spacer significantly reduces the circulation of air near the window which gives you better life quality inside your home.

An optimally designed and well-composed edge bond determines the quality and durability of a window. Only when the individual components such as spacers, sealants, desiccants, connectors, and glass interplay perfectly, we can achieve maximum efficiency.

To offer a perfect fitting of our Spacers into every frame we also set new standards in surface quality and match the highest requirements of architects and building designers.

Contact us if you want to increase the quality and durability of your window, door, and facade systems through an optimized glass edge bond. As a sideline our products help to save approximately 1.5 million kWh of energy each year, which means a significant reduction of the global level of CO2 emissions.

What we do? We find solutions!

As a family business, we run 14 production sites worldwide and extrude plastic profiles and tubes in Europe, America and Asia-Pacific.
Today, Technoform has a global presence with more than 45 factories and sales offices and more than 1,500 employees.
But global presence doesn’t mean one-size-fits-all thinking. We understand the value of local knowledge, export our core competencies, building local expertise tailored to the needs of the market on the ground. We reap the benefits of this mindset, sharing knowledge and development from our approaches to solutions across the globe.

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  • Glass applications in the construction industry and façade area