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Product category: Forming and bending technology

ABTS™ Advanced Bending & Tempering System

Glasstech’s ABTS system is designed to shape glass of varying thickness into graceful, custom-specified bends, providing architects and designers with high quality, curved architectural glass for building facades, furniture and other applications. ABTS also has the ability to produce flat glass, which makes it a very versatile system for architectural glass fabrication.

Glasstech systems have produced some of the most dramatic glass bends for use in the architectural industry. Over the years, Glasstech’s ABTS system has continually evolved to help lower processing costs and enhance product quality. With impressive bending capability, ABTS can produce everything from simple cylindrical bends and asymmetrical parts to graceful S shapes and V bends. This gives architects considerable design flexibility and affords processors economy of production.

Two widths are available – 2140mm (84") and 2440mm (96") – and systems offer single cycle or double cycle heating to produce parts up to 3660mm (144") long.

Glasstech ABTS systems are in use in Europe, Asia and the United States.

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Product category: Forming and bending technology

QS™ Quick Sag Bending & Tempering System

The Glasstech Quick Sag system produces high optical quality automotive glass to precise tolerances in simpler shapes. An advanced bending and tempering system, Quick Sag features simple tooling and uses only one forming ring. This results in lower costs and minimal downtime for part changeovers.

The first automotive glass system introduced by Glasstech, Quick Sag was well received by OE glass producers thanks to excellent productivity, finished product quality, yields and reliability.

A highly flexible system, Quick Sag can be configured in both single-side and double-side models. Coated and tinted glass can be processed without difficulty. And when combined with a cylindrical bender, the system is capable of making both single-curvature and double-curvature parts.

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Product category: Forming and bending technology

TRCB™ Tight Radius Cylindrical Bending & Tempering System

Glasstech’s TRCB fosters design freedom and creativity the world over. The system bends and tempers glass quickly, easily and without long marks, and forms complex bends to exacting tolerances with the highest level of uniformity and optical quality.

TRCB is the leading system for the production of glass for display cases and shower enclosures, as well as booth panels, one-piece kiosks and furniture. Glass for these applications can be produced in shapes ranging from cylindrical parts to J bends to complex pieces with three flat sections and two tight radius bends.

Glasstech’s TRCB bends glass horizontally in a system which uses rollers and an easily adjustable bending fixture. No tongs and no costly molds are required. As a result, these are the leading systems used to produce display case glass seen in stores today, as well as the majority of high quality bent, tempered shower enclosure glass.

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About us

Company details

Glasstech’s commitment to the solar power industry is unparalleled in the field of glass shaping and strengthening technology. Glasstech provides precisely bent or curved glass equipment solutions for concentration solar power (CSP) and concentration photovoltaic (CPV) markets, as well as equipment solutions for fabrication of extremely flat glass for the photovoltaic (PV) market.   Glasstech systems provide tempered or heat-strengthened glass solutions that offer significant advantages, as tempered glass accounts for:
  • Fewer installation failures and in-service failures from wind, hail and debris.
  • Less collateral damage in the event of an in-service failure.
  • Lower hardware costs compared to annealed glass installations.
So, whether you are a solar product manufacturer, glass fabricator, solar equipment supplier or turnkey system provider, Glasstech has the solution for you.  

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